Lighthouse Links

Lighthouse links for information, photos, collectibles, and history including the McKay Island Lighthouse

Ontario Outdoor has a package called Step Back in History – Be a Lighthouse Keeper for the McKay Island lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Hunters contains information, books and photos of lighthouses in Canada and the United States. They have visited the McKay Island Lighthouse.  (www.lighthousehunters.com)

Lighthouse Friends contains a great listing of lighthouses in Canada and the United States. The McKay Island Lighthouse is one of the featured lighthouses.

Boatnerd offers a tremendous amount of information on shipping, shipwrecks, lighthouses, etc. of the Great Lakes. It even has a record of the shipwreck of the Bruce Mines near Tobermory.   (www.boatnerd.com)

A virtual guide to New England Lighthouses including original photography, history, www.newenglandlighthouses.net

HuronLights is a museum of the lighthouses of Lake Huron including a nautical gift shop. www.michigan.org/property/huron-lights-museum-gift-shop/