Go paddling and explore Bruce Bay in Lake Huron.

Dip a paddle into Lake Huron and Bruce Bay and explore the shoreline of French & McKay Islands with the complimentary canoes, one man kayaks or row boats. Admire the different rock formations from Puddingstone to pink quartz…find the Kissing Rocks left by the glaciers many years ago.

Stop and enjoy the sandy beaches or the flat bluff rocks that make up the shoreline, look up at the rocky bluffs and watch the seagulls soar. Whether you choose to canoe or kayak along the shoreline you will find peace and relaxation as you calmly paddle.

On a calm morning or evening you could be able to paddle around both islands. Stop along the paddle at the many coves along the shoreline and observe the water fowl.

Complimentary life vests are found in the Recreational Lounge at Bruce Bay Cottages. Escape to Nature and just relax in your kayak and float along in the water and wait for nature to come to you…. just let nature revive you.


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